Real Estate Agents

Why hire Steven Joseph Design?

You will benefit greatly from our experience, expertise, and availability in helping your clients find their dream home.

By enlisting the help of Steven Joseph Design, you will be partnering with a consultant that has over 10 years of hands-on experience as both a carpenter and General Contractor. In addition, he has a Master’s Degree in Architecture and has been designing renovations, additions and new homes for over 15 years.

Our unique expertise in design and construction allow us to provide advice on what is possible and realistic with homes that your clients are potentially going to buy. As a consultant, Steven Joseph Design can offer advice on design ideas and construction implications while walking through properties.

Steven Joseph Design’s consultation service is a modest investment to your client. We will help them determine which homes are suitable or not to their immediate needs before they buy. This will help clients see what the potential of a particular house is and whether it can become their “dream home”.

Our goal is to help your client find the right home and help you sell more!